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shadow tattoo

Wandering around the arresting array of flora at Descanso Gardens yesterday, Kristina and I took to collecting shadow tattoos. Well, her skin, my camera. This is not a new art … Continue reading

April 7, 2013 · 1 Comment

pool light

A nice surprise on our ceiling recently. Our second floor apartment often gets lots of interesting reflections from car windshields – but I hadn’t noticed this one from coming from … Continue reading

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street dial

There are opportunities for marking time using shadows everywhere, unintentional side effects of the sun shining on structures. On my street (Montana Avenue in Santa Monica) an awning and a … Continue reading

February 13, 2013 · 1 Comment

exposure sequence 1: los angeles public library

A trip to the LA Public Library ‘Main Branch’ brought us to the Children’s Reading Room. A really great space. Here is a view of the entrance to the room … Continue reading

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sunset on the 405

There is a serenity to the elevated freeways in Los Angeles (as a passenger at least). Everyone is neatly packaged into their car; the views are direct and uncluttered by … Continue reading

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‘light’ gauge framing

Woven reflections from metal framing studs. Yet another example of in-progress construction rivaling finished construction. Update: DecĀ  18, 2012 Firstly, the photo credit of this everyday light event goes to … Continue reading

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solar trace

A real solar trace at sunset tonight. Don’t remember having seen this very often. These clouds were deep on the horizon and must have been dense enough to only allow … Continue reading

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